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A Lamb, wearing white To others a wolf in disguise Spitting slithers, swear I am the Devil's Advocate I marvel how they snort at night Today I will crash the sore whispering party You!

His voice would softly soothe her then, chasing away her every fear. “Do what wifey says,” he instructs her at the door as she leaves with four other sisters and the one of legal age, her sister-wifey.Resolution Through sacred quests, our spirits returning Wan smile as I reach the final milestone The line is crossed, strangely without yearning From the summit, we always return home The Spirits have won, silently rejoice Spasming leg muscles announce their first clue Weary soul may have found its deepest voice But penitent’s flesh will yet have its due Dusty column of exhausted racers Shuffling past hallowed final marker Sun Dancers’ ghosts fade into the mesas To echoed drumbeats our spirits harken Our guides to the Spirit World returning This modern Sun Dance, an ancient yearning 14.Aftermath This modern Sun Dance, an ancient yearning With Spirits’ help, my soul has passed this test Feet caressed the trail while muscles burning My abiding need, this challenging quest This long day ends without ceremony Racers festooned in laurels internal The trail run’s own spirituality Modern Sun Dancers’ reward eternal While the roads to the summit are many One means up the mountain for those who seek Life’s spiritual rigors aplenty A runner’s path may also find the peak Deep within us, we need this victory A quest dating back through our history 15.Ghosts of the Sun Dance A quest dating back through our history Transcendence, to shed our skin and transform Beyond mundane, to sacred mystery Through painful trials, seeker’s soul is reborn Our modern world lacks initiations With substance to satisfy questing hearts Life’s road of genuine tribulations Yielding to those who have mastered the art In this day’s heat or ere the morning run Footfalls queuing the inward eye’s searching Our life’s greatest challenges can be won When the body, mind, and soul are merging Through sacred quests, our spirits returning This modern Sun Dance, an ancient yearning 5/19/16 Copyright by Author For contest: Heroic Crown of Sonnets Sponsor: Craig Cornish Syllables confirmed by F alling in love with Winter; she’s ice cold dressed in snow white lace A ll the while dating Summer, who’s still sizzling hot L ove affairs bruised with revengeful reds, oppressed oranges, and yelling yellows L eaving Summer with a promise to one day rekindle their love War is easy than dating Others kill with no bullets while losing arguments Conventional queens know electrified attractions attract war with no pause A stock of lip sticks run dry dialogues in a desert of heartbroken love pupils Piece of hope rented with no peace but trusted snipers Spoken words do fool around with bait for cake Sold in gossips sipping wine, chewing gums and over baked lies with no trace Wood and axe chopped lies connecting humans like dead chickens Words always turn into constructors building long distant promises Sello-tapes brake endlessly aiming to redesign human connections The adhesive virus chewing feelings braking easy like pencils A virus moving across eye sites in spider web styles celebrating homicide medals My spoken words needs no dental doctor I toothpick my words before all spoken word leftovers are served to innocent infants My words dilute strong wet tongues of hope From toes to goals amplifying muscled dreams guarded by eyes of owls Abusing definitions of sex in vernacular Well guarded needles love injecting pissed off moods between two countries playing hard to get He crosses genders to impress the oppressed family matters She pukes pregnant proof of impatient promised poetry Photo shopped smiles activate countdown minute bombs Click click time tracking clicks clicking clicks and sperm bombs Trousers unwrapping guilty conscious The sickest spits in less than six minute pleasures after night gigs Time tracking suspicious flings Hospital beds are made for injured insecurities and wheel chaired emotions Transported by sirens from ambulances of greedy A gasoline for vengeance The art of love painted by departed affections above all intellectual scribes Windy arguments will forever toss tornadoes of cheating slogans on the devil’s bible The art of love and zips unzipping free ships for donated suicide spits The art of love and zips unzipping free ships for donated suicide spits © Raymond Ngomane (Innuendo -- Pigs) All around are sticks and stone Feel God's loving arms around you -----At last, I am redeemed----- A feast of my soul, you shall receive A cake for dinner, I made out of stones Ratchet pigs fill their dirty mouths, Consuming my soul, sipping on champagne At peace with myself, brushing off the walls Nevertheless, tonight they speak in tongues -I strain my ears to listen; While pettitoes approach my page I hear the squeals, I hear the chit chat from he/she that wears no shame. The one you penned - Under the influence of manipulation Trying to stifle my voice of beauty No matter, I am crazy, a dreamer Never claim to be THE INNOCENT, The Poet Destroyer!!!

I ignore the walls when they speak Nevertheless, tonight they have eyes They watch my every move A trotters dance, of togetherness Forgetting the reason we are here I will win and conquer my privacy You can't destroy what you can't see I am the glory of my day I am God's pet!!!

The Spirit Is Willing Through painful trials, seeker’s soul reborn Deepest pain kindling the soul’s ignition Follow the path supplicants’ feet have worn Transformation’s crux, soul transition Our defenses and walls cannot let in Sacred blessings of the gods and spirits Impenetrable, much to your chagrin They cannot touch your heart if you fear it Mortification, a tribulation Humble display of the supplicant’s worth A spiritual emancipation, Pain always accompanies any birth These transitions in few modern nations Our world, rare rites of initiation 5.

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